sleep easy

sleep easy

I love hearing good news stories from my students.  Thank you for sharing your kind words!  

“My very sedentary job causes problems with my shoulders and back getting tight and then having pains from the tension.  Yoga has helped tremendously.   I can just feel the tension leaving my shoulders when I am doing bridge pose.

Now that I’m in my middle 40’s, aches and pains are becoming more frequent.  Legs-up-the-wall pose has helped me fall asleep at night since it stops my knees and ankles from bothering me.  I don’t have to rely on Ibuprofen anymore!” – Debbie, student

Viparita Karani is Legs-up-the-Wall Pose, and is a fantastic antidote for restless leg syndrome.  It activates the parasympathetic nervous system, aids in digestion, and induces sleep.  It’s the perfect “right before bed pose.”  Here is a link to yoga journal’s Yoga Basics article with detailed information about this pose and its benefits.

photo cred Yoga Journal online mag

photo cred Yoga Journal online mag

Enjoy sleeping easy.

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