Polished, professional and perfectly serene

photo cred: SFA

When Maya Yoga student Kim Saunders offered to shoot individual photos of our instructors to update the Maya Yoga website, owners Kathleen Kastner-Mortenson and Wade Mortenson jumped at the chance to work this talented artist.  I was the first model: Kim was dedicated enough to conduct our shoot right after my 6 am class ended!

The sun continued to rise throughout our shoot, creating an intriguing balance of shadow and light.  With each shot, we adjusted, re-adjusted, and re-adjusted again.  Kim continued to search for most harmonious balance of effort and ease.  The results are simply stunning.  Polished, professional, and perfectly serene.

Thank you for these gorgeous photos, Kim.  What a blessing you are.

photo cred: SFA

photo cred: SFA

To learn more about Kim and book her to capture your next life event, visit Saunders Fine Arts at http://www.saundersfinearts.com/about.html

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