the sacred is in every moment

Sacred traditions abound as we move into autumn and winter in the northern hemisphere.  This November we honor Diwali, Hanukkah, and Thanksgiving as celebrations of sacred community.

photo cred EMA

As I move forward into the holiday season, my yoga practice helps keep me grounded.  It helps me remember to spend time in gratitude after every practice.  It helps me remember that the Sacred is actually present constantly, not just on holidays and holy days.

This quote is my favorite reminder:

“The Sacred is in every moment.

And if we find it—by paying attention to our breath, or the feel of the Earth beneath our feet, or the light in our child’s eyes—if we find it (by being present), we stay focused and disciplined.

When we find it, we reconnect with an infinite wellspring of motivation, inspiration, and love.

-Sivananda Yoga Teacher, Swami Ben Ralston 

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