smelly mat?

smelly mat?

After a sweaty Ashtanga session, my friend Natalie rolled up her mat into an airtight burrito and left it in her car’s trunk until the next morning.   We all do it.  Convenient?  Yes.  Clean?  Maybe not.   When she unrolled it in the studio the following day, a faint stench curled through the air.  Her nose crinkled.  “Um,” she said, apologetically.  “Lisa, what do you use to clean your mat?”

Saucha (cleanliness) is an important part of the yoga philosophy (and no one wants to practice next to your smelly mat).  Here are my two recommendations:

1) ZUM Yoga Spray:  It’s natural and clean.  It smells incredible.  ZUM products are made and sold in Kansas City, Missouri.  (Shop local!)  You can find them online here at Indigo Wild’s website.

2) Thieves Household Cleaner:  You will need to cut the product with water at a 1:1 ratio and store your cleaner in a separate spray bottle.  It may look expensive, but one bottle of Thieves lasted me four + years, and I use it to clean most of my house as well as my mat!  Find it here at Young Living’s website.

If you have a favorite Yoga Mat Cleaner, I’d love to hear from you.  Please send recommendations may way.


Check out this insanely amazing holiday gift I received! Thanks Indigo Wild for making my holiday so special and for the compliments (you are “hard core” too!).


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