The two most common questions asked of me:

Q: Can I pet your adorable dog?

A: YES! Because Russell Clive is the most joyful, cuddliest dog in the whole wide world.


Q: Who was on your playlist for that class?  (Followed by: I loved your music!)

A: While I can’t provide you with the rights to any of these songs (or the cash to buy them on iTunes), here are some of my favorite artists who make their way onto my Tunes Lists:

Artist, Album

City and Colour, Bring Me Your Love

Of Monsters and Men, My Head is an Animal

Scott Matthews, Passing Stranger

Damien Rice, 9

Alexi Murdoch, Time Without Consequences

Vampire Weekend, Contra

Ben Lee, Awake is the New Sleep

All of these albums boast songs that inspire conscious movement.  Music can be a powerful tool to synchronize your mind with your movement.  However, music during your yoga practice can also be a distraction.  First and foremost: the tempo of your practice should be led by your inhale and your exhale.  Let the breath be the soundtrack to your practice… but if you want some background music… enjoy these tunes.


(Thanks to Ciara for providing these kind words and reminding me to post some music suggestions!)

“Everything clicks for me when I practice yoga with Lisa.  Lisa is so full of life!  Her energy is positive and joyful.  When she speaks during class, her words are genuine, encouraging, and peaceful.  I especially love the music she plays in her classes.  I am so grateful to Lisa for helping me to take charge of my physical and mental health through practicing yoga.” – Ciara


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