‘downward facing dog’ reduces diabetes?

So here’s good news: we all know that weight bearing exercise supports bone density and reduces body fat (stronger! leaner! yeah!) but finally researchers are counting strength-based yoga poses as ‘resistance training.’  A newly released study involving women aged 30-50 found that the women who routinely exercised– even doing non-aerobic activities like yoga– reduced the risk of diabetes.

A recap of the Harvard study can be found on NPR Health Shots.  It says that “for each 60 minutes of activity in a week, the women reduced their risk of diabetes by about 14 percent… Women who did muscle-strengthening and conditioning exercise more than 150 minutes a week lowered their diabetes risk by 40 percent.

And Downward Facing Dog counts!  That’s super good news for those of you who detest running and aren’t coordinated enough to bike for more than a few minutes. Aerobic activity is awesome for your cardiovascular health (Sun Salutations totally count– check out this video by Kino MacGregor for great instruction), but rest assured that the work you do in yoga class is contributing to your physical health on a level that you can’t always see and feel.

Celebrate your health!  Do some down dogs!


photo courtesy of yogajournal.com


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