FALL in Love.

2013-10-26 07.01.12

I found this sign, tucked inside the window display of a possibly-abandoned storefront, and simply had to take a picture.  Lately, I’ve noticed negative images, graffiti and advertisements scattered around town… and coupled with the change in daylight patterns and loss of summer, it’s been a little disheartening.  However, this sign, reminded me to Fall in Love today.  And every time I see it, I smile.  It’s great advice for the new season.

If, like me, you need a little pick-me-up today, you’ll enjoy this poem from my good friend Meister Eckhart who has a grand view of the Universe as being permanently In Love.

Always Kissing

They are always kissing, they can’t control themselves.

It is not possible that any creature can have greater instincts and perceptions than the mature human mind.

God ripened me.  So I see it is true: all objects in existence are wildly in love.

-m. eckhart

2013-10-26 07.01.12

What are you going to fall in love with today?  One year, my aim was to find something NEW to love every day.  One day, it was the copy machine in the teacher’s lounge.  (That must have been a bad day.)  One day it was my new coffee mug.  Another day it was a hug from a friend.  It didn’t have to be a life-changing event or a life-saving item, I just wanted to recognize that, even in times of turmoil or stress, all objects in existence were wildly in love.  My list looked ridiculous, but I did practice finding love in the innocuous.  And I practiced falling in love with life.

What are you going to fall in love with today?

Happy Falling.




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