sitting quietly.

ipod old 001 (36)  When is the list time you sat?  Quietly.  Doing nothing but sitting.  Quietly?

Usually we are sitting: looking at our phone.  Recently I heard this comment made in jest:  ‘You know whose face I look at the most often?  My iPhone’s.’  But I don’t think it was a joke.  I think it was true.

So, today, here is your challenge: Sit.  For 2 minutes.  For 5 minutes.  For 30 seconds.  Just sit quietly.

I am not good at this.  I usually have a million things I’d like to be doing on any given day.  That’s why I have to get myself to the yoga studio every morning: because I need a routine and a place that inspires me to sit.  With myself.  Without my phone.  Without my email or my books or my distractions.  And learn that art of ‘being’ from this poem.

“just sit there right now”

Just sit there right now.

Don’t do a thing.  Just rest.

For your separation from God is the hardest work in this world.

Let me bring you trays of food and something that you like to drink.

You can use my soft words as a cushion for your head.  -hafiz



ipod old 003 (11)

one of my favorite sunny benches


Tell me how it went.  Happy Sitting.


your thoughts are welcomed...

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