sitting quietly.

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When is the last time you sat: quietly. Doing nothing but sitting: quietly?

Usually I’m sitting: looking at my phone. Recently I heard this comment made in jest: “You know whose face I look at the most often? My iPhone’s.” But I don’t think it was a joke. I think it was true.

Today, your challenge is simple: sit quietly for 7 minutes.

I am not that good at this. I usually have a million things I’d like to be doing, so I sit quietly only to lament the fact that I’m not doing those other million things.

That is exactly why I need a routine of presence and sitting quietly.  With myself.  Without my phone. Without my email or my books or my distractions.

I’ve learned through a deliberate practice of breathing techniques, of meditation and mindful movement that there is a depth and richness within a practice of sitting quietly.

Here’s your moment to sit quietly: try this Guided Meditation that brings awareness to the Here and the Now of this quiet, present moment.

Meditation for Quiet Presence

Happy Sitting,


Guided Meditation Teachings

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