gratitude meditation challenge: starts tomorrow!

gratitude meditation challenge: starts tomorrow!

Steps to completing the gratitude meditation challenge:

1.  Open your daily Gratitude Meditation Thought.  (Sent to your inbox because you are signed up to Follow lisaashyoga)

2.  Read.

3.  Breathe.

4. Smile.

5. Sit in stillness.  Express your gratitude for this moment and for all of the many blessings which bring you joy in this life.  Spend 60 secondsonly ONE MINUTE— extending your deepest gratitude.  Breathe easier.

Why? Because gratitude is the only reasonable response to life.  Read full article here.

On Thanksgiving Day, Thursday November 27, you will receive the full Gratitude Meditation in your inbox.  Spend ten minutes in silence, reading the meditation.  New to Meditation?  Check out my article: “learn to meditate: your way.” 

feeling gratitude


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