if you really love…

guns will wilt

I counted six Christmas card sets at Target with the word PEACE plastered in foiled glittery letters.  (I’ve been Christmas decoration shopping three times since November.  Hallelujah!).   I love the fact that, once a year, the rest of the populace gets as excited about peace as I do.  Or at least, the free market capitalizes on the perceived excitement and starts plastering ‘PEACE’ on everything from kitchen towels to holiday cocktail napkins.

I’m for it. (Even if it is less than genuine…)  I’m always for peace.

As the holiday season approaches and lives get busier (I’m also always FOR holiday parties of any nature), my challenge is always to find a moment of quietude.  I started playing Christmas song playlists on November 14 this year, so I’m pretty sure by the time Christmas rolls around I’ll be happy to turn off all music, all cell phones, all distractions, and find a moment of quiet in prayer.

Prayer can be in any form of a contemplative practice.  It can be done while walking, while cooking, while sitting, while moving, while biking, while hugging your favorite pet.  Prayer is simply a moment of acknowledging that YOU are a part of a GREATER whole.  And sometimes, when you get it just right for you, the harsh wind swirling in your thoughts recedes into a quiet.  It’s a really peaceful feeling.

And the best thing about this ‘quiet’ that you’ve found?  You feel better.  You act nicer. You actually contribute to a world where peace is possible.   This poem from St. John of Cross provides the perfect inspiration:

You might quiet the whole world for a second if you pray.  And if you love, if you REALLY LOVE, our guns will wilt.” 

So my challenge to you is this: quiet the world.  For just one minute a day.  Cultivate inner peace, and learn to LOVE that feeling of quiet within yourself.  If everyone does this for one minute a day, I dare say that peace isn’t possible, it is inevitable.

Tell me how it goes,

To Peace on Earth,



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