how to rid yourself of the ‘Case of the Mondays.’

Russell Ash being tired

classic “Case of the Mondays.”

Look at this guy.  He’s a got a classic Case of the Mondays. 

(Don’t ask me who coined that term.  I’m not entirely sure, but I presume it’s a combination of my dear friend Brittany Hettrick Jensen and the movie Office Space… Either way: generally hilarious.)  Seriously.  Look at this guy!  He can’t even hold his head up! 

Monday is actually my favorite day of the week.  I posted something about this on Facebook a few months ago and the reaction was shocking.  “Seriously? Who ARE you??” my friend Katie asked, apparently appalled that Mondays are my absolute favorite.

Well, for starters, some of my most joyful/ joy filled/ Spirit healing yoga classes happen every Monday.  I work with these kiddos:

kids yoga class

these kiddos are always so excited to have FUN doing yoga together!

(look at their cute downward facing doggies with wagging tails!), who are exuberant reminders that yoga heals hearts, strengthens bodies, and is downright FUN.

(Also one of my favorite bands, by the way.  Whoever decided to title their band ‘FUN’ with capital letters is a genius in positive thinking.)

The kids at The Children’s Place KC, an early childhood therapy and education center in Kansas City which focuses on serving young victims of trauma, are always excited for Yoga with Ms. Lisa.  So excited, in fact, that they will push each other out of the way to get to their yoga mat.  (We’ve moved past that now… practicing ahimsa and self-control and such… but it’s the thought that counts.)

After this class, I work with the Staff and Teachers at The Children’s Place.  I transform their basement meeting room into a candle-lit sanctuary for renewal and rest after a trying day in a workplace that demands immense amounts of presence, patience, and compassion for its young clients.  In return, these yoga classes create a space for the ‘givers’ to receive presence, patience, and compassion.  (And sometimes sneak a ten minute nap.)  This one hour of yoga, conscious breathing, and resting provides an ‘centering time’ for Staff and Teachers to take care of themselves first, so that they can take care of others second.

One of my favorite authors, Andrew Harvey, writes about tending our own inner flame of health and joy as a way of inspiring health and joy in others around us.  A practice like yoga which empowers and ‘centers’ you is essential; we all run out of energy, we all get cranky, we all get frustrated, and we all get tired.  We have to take care of ourselves first and then we can take care of others.  He writes:

 “If we are going to inspire others, it will be by the kindness, balance, truth, and radiance of our presence…by the health and joy we radiate.  In order to bring such radiance to others, you need to tend its subtle and tender flame in yourself.” -a harvey, The Hope

So, why are Mondays my favorite?  I spend most of the day tending flames of radiance, kindness, balance and truth.  (I also take my Russell Clive on walks, practice my two hour Ashtanga ritual at dawn, and teach the best candlelight Vinyasa class at Westport Yoga KC. I’m serious when I say Mondays are the BEST.)

Not everyone has a Monday schedule like mine.  I get that.  I’m grateful that all of you AREN’T yoga teachers, otherwise no one would come to my classes. :)  But I want to give YOU, my readers/students/friends/family an opportunity to rid yourself of the Case of the Mondays.  Starting in February 2015, I’m committing to bringing you #MeditationThoughtMondays.

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One thought.  One moment. One inspiration for tending the subtle flame of kindness, balance, truth, and radiance within yourself.  Read it.  Spend 60 seconds meditating on it.  Share it, pin it, snapchat it, Instagram it, (there are a MILLION social media outlets for sharing images these days and I don’t even know when and where #hashtags# are useful), but most importantly: pause for one moment.  Consider what a gift your Monday is.  Consider what a gift your job is.  Consider how you can turn your Monday into your favorite day.  Even if it is only for a Moment. 

Join me for #MeditationThoughtMondays.  You can follow me on Instagram, @ash_lisamarie or Follow this wordpress Blog (see below for the FOLLOW button).

Invite others to do the same.  I promise: you’ll get rid of the case of the Mondays.

See you on Monday,


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1 thought on “how to rid yourself of the ‘Case of the Mondays.’

  1. Hi Lisa, I wanted to check in with you! I miss you!!! I have had early meetings this week. I have another one tomorrow morning. I won’t be able to make you Saturday class this week either. I will be back next week for sure and am planning on going to Kathleen’s class Thursday night. So I just wanted you to know I am feeling much better and have made a yoga class every night this week. My job has been getting in they way of my early mornings this week. :( Take care and I will see you soon!!!! love, Kelly

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