LOVE. #MeditationThoughtMondays

love sign bwThere is one simple rule: if you want more love in your life, then you must participate in LOVE.  Today, your MeditationThought is simply this: LOVE.

Sit in quiet, breathe, let the word “LOVE” become alive with every breath.  Let it permeate your thoughts.  Let it grow stronger with every moment.  When you walk down the sidewalk, imagine that you see the word LOVE posted on the light pole.  Imagine it plastered on the car that is parked too close to yours.  Imagine it written on the T-shirt of the person walking through the parking lot.  Imagine Love surrounding you.

Today: Fall in Love.  Practive Loving Kindness with this Guided Meditation from Sharon Salzberg.

love sign bw

this image will take you to the guided lovingkindness meditation

Happy Loving,


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