exercise discernment. #MeditationThoughtMondays

exercise discernment


I love talking about myself  (who doesn’t?) and, surprise, surprise, I love talking about yoga.  So when my student Angela Lutz, freelance writer for The Pitch KC, contacted me asking for an interview for a health article about yoga, I jumped on the chance.  She suggested we talk about a specific yoga posture and how this posture can enhance your health.  I suggested we talk about the posture of ‘sitting still.’  Because mental and emotional health are just as important as a toned yoga body.

After reading my blog article, 5 benefits of meditation, Angela was intrigued… she’s been an Intro to Ashtanga student of mine for a few years, but these classes are so short (one hour is NOT enough time!) that the meditation time is limited to a few short moments of silence at the end of class.  Angela is a smart, driven, part time writing teacher and full time graduate student.  She’s busy. Her schedule is packed and she has deadlines to meet. But she tried it.  She tried sitting still.  What did she discover?  You’ll have to read her article in The Pitch KC to find out.

Master my thoughts? Lisa Ash helps me meditate on that idea  by Angela Lutz  March 2015

“When I worked in a dreary corporate office, I used to meditate during my lunch break. I’d park my car in an empty strip-mall parking lot, close my eyes and focus on the sound of traffic whizzing down the nearby highway, trying desperately to think of nothing.

My brain would not cooperate.

Instead of relaxing, I found myself fixating on the e-mail I forgot to send, the résumé I needed to update, the money I wasn’t sure I had enough of to buy groceries at Whole Foods that week.

According to Lisa Ash, lead instructor at Maya Yoga (215 West 18th Street) and studio manager at Westport Yoga (4304 Bell), that inability to silence such distractions isn’t such a bad thing.

“Your brain is not supposed to stop,” she says. “If your brain stops, you die. You’re supposed to gain mastery over your thoughts.”  Read Full Story Here.


Today: exercise discernment.  Acknowledge feelings as they appear.  (Even the anger toward the horrible driver at QuickTrip) and then consciously choose to keep that feeling, or let it pass through you.  Choose what is healing.    Happy #MeditationThoughtMondays

Much love,


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