never give up. #MeditationThoughtMondays

I’m not one for watching online videos.  To be brutally honest, I usually can’t even entertain a 2 minute youtube before I get bored and start multi-tasking.  But this video?  I watched in three times in a row, tears streaming down my face.  This is the most inspiring yoga video I’ve ever watched.

Its message?

Never Give Up.  Believe in yourself, find someone who believes in you, and believe in the power of the breath and the movement of yoga to heal.  This man was severely injured from his days as a paratrooper and was told he would never walk unassisted again.  Now he is a disabled veteran doing headstands and one leg balancing poses! You HAVE to watch this!

never give up

Click here (or click the image above and it should take you to youtube).  Turn up your volume- you’ll want to hear it!

We practice challenging yoga poses on the mat to understand how we approach challenges off the mat.  Do we get frustrated?  Angry?  Overwhelmed?  Are we willing to tough it out or do we give up?  The lessons we learn about our own nature, our own personality, and our own willpower inform our decisions and reactions in all other moments of our day.  

What challenges are you currently facing?  When did you most recently want to give up? How can you remember to believe in yourself?

Let me know how it’s going…



2 thoughts on “never give up. #MeditationThoughtMondays

  1. I have used this video often for both self motivation and to assist others in remembering that they can, in fact, accomplish their goals – I needed to see it again today – thank you!

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