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dream big start now

Dream Big. Start Small. Act Now.

It’s here. Finally! The Yoga Teacher Training Retreat I’ve been eagerly awaiting for over a year!  Honestly, I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for five years.

2015 was devoted to professional development in our household.  I undertook the next leg of my yoga teacher training journey to earn my 500 Hour RYT certification and my Ironman passed professional development engineering tests like they were no big deal. Suffice it to say we logged a fair few hours of early morning and weekend studying. But we have big dreams, so we have to start somewhere small and act now.

The retreat is near Napa, California, (don’t worry, most of my regularly scheduled classes are still taking place) so I’m spending twelve days in one of my favorite places on Earth.  With other yoga teachers.  Nerding out on spinal anatomy and stockpiling fresh mountain air to bring back to the Midwest with me.

Five years ago, I flew to Portland, Oregon to take classes with a Vinyasa Teacher named Tiffany Cruikshank.  She is the founder of Yoga Medicine and a foremost leader on using Yoga and nutrition to return Optimal Health back to the body.  The Yoga Medicine brand was still in its infancy when I first met Tiffany, but I loved her vision and craved her expertise.  I couldn’t afford to take a retreat with her at the time. (And I was headed out of the country the following year to work for HealthEd Connect.  If you haven’t read some of my Zambia stories, start here.)  Since then, I’ve been saving pennies for the opportunity to study with Tiffany and the Yoga Medicine Team.  It’s been a Dream Big.  That required a multitude of Small Acts.

It’s my dream to become the healthiest I can be and to inspire others to become healthier through my teaching.  It’s my dream to contribute to the health, happiness and wholeness of my community by sharing wisdom and encouraging my students.  It’s a Big Dream.  That requires Small Acts.  And I’m Starting Now.

What’s your dream?  What small act can you take today toward your dream?  What small act can you take tomorrow?  I can’t wait to hear about it!  I’ll see you when I get back….

Happy Dreaming,



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