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I love traveling.  I’m incessantly dreaming of my next trip—there are so many remarkable places in this world that I want to see.  I’ve honed my travel skills in over 15 countries and recently renewed my Passport, asking for extra pages in anticipation of a lifetime of Visa Entry stamps yet to come.  I consider myself fortunate.

Adventure is inherent in travelling.  I’ve learned over the years that you can’t plan for adventures: they are unexpected opportunities to explore your reservoir of adaptability.  Most adventures sound better in the ‘after story’ than they feel in the moment.  (Hitchhiking a ride in the bed of a truck when your bus breaks down in the middle of the night on an African highway sounds more thrilling than it feels at the time, trust me.)

But I also truly love being home.  Each time I return home from a trip, I experience an overwhelming sense of ease as I drive into my neighborhood under the canopy of mature trees and dappled shadows they throw on the pavement.  So here’s the good news: experiencing Adventure doesn’t necessitate packing your Passport and hauling your one overloaded backpack across the Andes.  Most of us can’t (or don’t want) travel all the time; we’d miss out on the joys of our daily lives: families, friends, homes, careers, yoga studios, favorite coffee shops.

More good news: your next adventure can be right outside your door.  British explorer Alastair Humphreys coined the term ‘micro-adventure’ to describe small escapades that don’t require a passport, an iron stomach, or hardcore climbing gear.  These micro-adventures are little excursions into the unknown that happen in the few hours of free time between work shifts and occur close to home.  They are experiences delicately planned to open your eyes to the wonders that are right outside your front door.  You might enjoy these 11 Ideas for micro-adventures.

‘Adventures’ are unexpected moments of wonder.  They are opportunities for self-exploration. I love micro-adventures to my favorite wooded hiking trails, which are only thirty minutes away from my house but feel like completely foreign territory.  I love exploring the quietude of my thoughts as I’m hiking with Russell Clive and watching him tear down the dirt trails, his sniffers on high-alert.  In this space, the real adventure begins.  Self-exploration starts when you stop listening to the outside world and start seeking the wisdom of the inner landscape.

Your next adventure can be right outside your door.  It can be at your neighborhood Yoga Studio.  It can be on your own yoga mat.  Every single yoga practice can be an adventure: can you tap into your reservoir of courage to try a new arm balance?  Can you explore the reaches of your strength in a handstand?  Can you journey to the end of a yoga class, even though you are exhausted from your day at work?

You don’t need a Passport.  You just need a spirit of Adventure.

“I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars.  I started listening to the teaching of my Soul.” – Rumi

What are you seeking?  What adventure can you take in your own neighborhood?  What adventure can you take on your yoga mat?  How can you set aside this week to listen to your own wisdom?

Happy Adventuring.



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