2015 Round Up

I accidentally adopted another dog. My house is no longer a blissful abode of quietude and snuggles with Russell Clive. (You may remember him from when he ate an acorn, learned to surf and had a “case of the Mondays”. ) Now, there is a lot of wrestling, scampering, sniffing, and snarling happening.  All the time. I mean,  ALL. THE. TIME. The new Little One is named Kevin Malone after my favorite character from my favorite TV Show but unfortunately (fortunately?) bears little resemblance to the slow-motion Kevin Malone from The Office. This Little One is fast and furious. Adorable, yes. And outrageously time demanding.


The experience of adding four legs with a loud voice and a will of his own to my life has been a challenge.  In December, I taught my popular Introduction to Meditation Workshop (occurring again at Westport Yoga in April 2016; don’t miss it!) and I decided that 2016 would be the “Year of No Stress.”  2016 had other plans: to challenge my commitment to maintaining equanimity and to test my ability to let go of perfectionism. Enter Kevin, stage left.

Before Kevin came into our family, I thought I was a really good dog-mom because I had the best-behaved dog in the world.  Turns out, Russell Clive is just naturally relaxed, sociable, and discreet. Kevin is the opposite.  He requires double the time commitment to keep him content and well-exercised.  Double the pleasure, double the fun… but I’ve been a bit stressed.

More than anything, my daily Meditation and Pranayama routine has kept me sane.  I’m still teaching a fair few hours a week (and loving it!) and I just recently completed a credentialing program to become a 500-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (remember my Big Dream?) and have been more inspired to nap than to write lately.  However, never fear, I’m gearing up for a brand new year of Meditation Thoughts brought right to your inbox.  That’s right—the best part of your Monday continues in March.

To get you excited, here’s a Round Up of 2015 Meditation Thought Monday Articles.

I went back through the archives of last year and chose my Top 7 Meditation Thought Mondays for your reviewing pleasure.  Thank you for one year of breathing, sharing, and healing together.  You, my dear readers, are my inspiration!

pay close attention.

pay close attention

pursue a small, happy life.

small happy life

stress less.

stress less

vacate daily.

vacate daily

suffering can be transformed

suffering can be transformed

seek adventure


what you think, you become

what you think, you become

Which #MeditationThoughtMonday is your favorite?  Which article did you share with your friends and family?  What would you like to read more of next year?  I’m looking forward to sharing with you!

1 thought on “2015 Round Up

  1. Lisa. Welcome to the land of multiple dog parenting. Twice the feeding, twice the walking, twice the “let me out to pee” , but never at the same time. Twice the love too!

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