breathing can help control cravings?

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Pranayama has made a huge difference in my life– it’s helped me temper anxiety, handle stressful situations, and even stay away from craving foods that I’m allergic to!  (Full disclosure: I was able to stop taking anti-anxiety medication when I learned pranayama and meditation techniques to apply daily.  Read: This stuff works!)
Seriously, I’ve been ‘stretching’ since I was four years old.  My dance career was fun (and I got to wear sparkly costumes and perform on stage!) but it didn’t bring me closer to loving myself or nurturing my Spiritual Journey.  ‘Stretching’ just doesn’t do it. And it’s not Yoga.  Yoga happens when you marry breathing with movement, intention with desire for wholeness.  Yoga happens when you breathe.
Even if you know absolutely nothing about Pranayama, this “Breathing For Life” workshop is still perfect for you!  Please join me:

Sunday March 6, 2016, 2:30 pm @ Westport Yoga

Pranayama is the fourth limb of the Ashtanga Eight-Limbed Path and is an integral part of the yoga practice.  Pranyama techniques are breathing patterns you can utilize to change your own energy and interact with your breath more skillfully.  This Introduction to Pranayama Workshop will teach 4 different breathing patterns to:

  • Alleviate Stress
  • Fuel Creativity
  • Help Control Cravings
  • Promote Restful Sleep

Ever felt stressed?  Ever felt sluggish?  Ever eaten an entire pan of brownies during one Downtown Abbey episode? Ever been up all night, your mind churning with anxiety, unable to fall asleep?  Yea.  Me too.  I’ll teach you practical techniques to counteract these tendencies and you’ll go home with a ‘cheat sheet’ so you can practice on your own.  (Do not delay… this workshop WILL sell out!)

$25 for Westport Yoga Auto-Renew Members– Register online HERE

$35 for Non-WY Members—Register online HERE

You may also register at Westport Yoga.  (Limit 18 students.  There are no refunds for this workshop.)

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dream away.

ipod old 001 (13)It’s still the beginning of the New Year, so I’m still asking students, friends, and you, dear reader, to DREAM BIG.  Defining your dreams, writing them down, making concrete your innermost thoughts and desires builds a scaffolding for your life. The life-changing decisions (where should I live? what should my next career be? etc.) can then fit into this foundation.

I think this quote says it best:


“You’ve got to think about ‘big things’ while you’re doing small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction.”  – alvin toffler

I have three real dreams in my life: to teach, to travel and to love.  

These are pretty BIG DREAMS.

So, I’m setting this foundation and filling it in, decision by decision, to build my dream life.  Here are some of my 2016 dream blue prints:

  1. To expand my Workshop and Special Events offerings.
  2. To Camp in the Cascades and Yoga in Yellowstone (family reunion 2016 here I come!)
  3. To actively nurture my friendships with “The Girls from Lamoni” and make new friendships along the way.
  4. To lay the foundation for a healthy and happy marriage (less than 8 months till the Big Day!)

This is just an overview.  My blueprints are actually much more detailed. The daily decisions that remind me to keep my dreams in sight?  Call one friend every week, just to chat. Schedule 3 workshops in 2016. Spend quality time with my Best Friend RussellClive and my Iron Man, while being mindful of what really matters and letting go of stress.

How are you dreaming big?  What Small Things can make your Big Things come true?

Happy Building the Life You Love,


what if you forgot the past ten years of your life?

Feb 10 2016 Candlelight Flow Class

“The spiritual journey is never about holding on. It is always about letting go.”
– rev. jesse jackson

What if you couldn’t remember the past 10 years of your life? I mean, seriously consider it for a minute: imagine waking up and not being able to remember any event or any person you’ve met from the past ten years.

How would you reconstruct your memory? How would you reconstruct who you are and how you interact with the world?

This is exactly what happens to Alice in Liane Moriarty’s page-turner, What Alice Forgot.  I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this story since I finished the book. (Full disclosure: I did finish the book sitting by the fireside in a cabin at Lake Tahoe, so maybe it is the warmth and relaxation I haven’t been able to stop thinking about…)

In this novel Alice passes out during her cycling class at the gym (which would never happen in a yoga class, by the way, so one point for yoga) and wakes up without her memories from the most recent ten years.  She discovers she’s actually 39 years old (so, definitely not in her 20’s anymore), has three charming (and very loud) children, a giant house (also, a huge mortgage) and a pending divorce. Alice discovers that she is ‘super busy.’  Everyone she meets tells her how busy, stressed out, and overly-caffeinated she is.

Apparently Alice’s life is a giant hamster wheel of putting on a brave face (meaning, tons of make-up), trying to maintain a schedule that is suitable for only a superhero, and looking perfect, all while being undeniably exhausted and crabby. I won’t spoil the story (call me after you read it!) but the Alice who still thinks she is 29 isn’t a fan of the older, bossier, anxiety-ridden Alice whose life she is now navigating blindly. She’d like to let go of some of the habits that make her life stressful and discouraging.  She’d like to repair her relationship with her sister, fix her marriage, and be more attentive to the people she loves.

What if you couldn’t remember the past ten years of your life?  If you woke up tomorrow and could observe your life, your habits, and your relationships with ‘new-eyes’ what would you see?  Would you be grateful for the wisdom you’ve learned over the past decade or would you be appalled by the habits you’ve picked up along the way?  I think I’d be a combination of both.

The good news is: every day can be a fresh start.  It doesn’t require amnesia.  It requires careful reflection and attention to what actually matters.  It requires time.  A little bit of meditation.  A little bit of Letting Go.  And maybe, just maybe, a little bit of simplifying your life.

We are now approaching the Season of Lent on the Christian Liturgical Calendar. Book-ended by Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday, this is an auspicious time of year where you can let go of any habits that no longer serve you.  You can make a fresh start.  Even if this holiday is not a part of your cultural experience, the act of ‘letting go of the old’ to ‘welcome in the NEW’ can be profoundly life changing.

I urge you to take a few minutes to reflect on your life. Not merely the ‘broad-picture’ demarcations, such as your position at work or your partner, but also to reflect on how you interact with the world.  How do you treat others?  How do you treat yourself?  Are you happy with your daily habits?  Which habits would you like to change in order to find more happiness and health in your life?

I’d love to help you through this process.  Please join me on Wednesday February 10 at Westport Yoga KC for a Candlelight Flow Class at 7:30 pm.

Feb 10 2016 Candlelight Flow Class

Special Candlelight Flow Class
Wednesday Feb. 10, 2016 @7:30 pm

On Ash Wednesday, February 10, 2016  join Lisa Ash for an invigorating, re-newing, and inspiring candlelight flow class at 7:30 pm.  This class is focused on preparing  spiritually and emotionally to let go of old habits that no longer serve you.  We will share together in a Vinyasa Flow Sequence and Restorative savasana, leaving you feeling ready to claim your personal power and move forward with integrity.   Yoga asana experience required.

Wednesday February 10, 2016 @ 7:30 pm.  (Regular class prices apply.)

Much love and light.