breathing can help control cravings?

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Pranayama has made a huge difference in my life– it’s helped me temper anxiety, handle stressful situations, and even stay away from craving foods that I’m allergic to!  (Full disclosure: I was able to stop taking anti-anxiety medication when I learned pranayama and meditation techniques to apply daily.  Read: This stuff works!)
Seriously, I’ve been ‘stretching’ since I was four years old.  My dance career was fun (and I got to wear sparkly costumes and perform on stage!) but it didn’t bring me closer to loving myself or nurturing my Spiritual Journey.  ‘Stretching’ just doesn’t do it. And it’s not Yoga.  Yoga happens when you marry breathing with movement, intention with desire for wholeness.  Yoga happens when you breathe.
Even if you know absolutely nothing about Pranayama, this “Breathing For Life” workshop is still perfect for you!  Please join me:

Sunday March 6, 2016, 2:30 pm @ Westport Yoga

Pranayama is the fourth limb of the Ashtanga Eight-Limbed Path and is an integral part of the yoga practice.  Pranyama techniques are breathing patterns you can utilize to change your own energy and interact with your breath more skillfully.  This Introduction to Pranayama Workshop will teach 4 different breathing patterns to:

  • Alleviate Stress
  • Fuel Creativity
  • Help Control Cravings
  • Promote Restful Sleep

Ever felt stressed?  Ever felt sluggish?  Ever eaten an entire pan of brownies during one Downtown Abbey episode? Ever been up all night, your mind churning with anxiety, unable to fall asleep?  Yea.  Me too.  I’ll teach you practical techniques to counteract these tendencies and you’ll go home with a ‘cheat sheet’ so you can practice on your own.  (Do not delay… this workshop WILL sell out!)

$25 for Westport Yoga Auto-Renew Members– Register online HERE

$35 for Non-WY Members—Register online HERE

You may also register at Westport Yoga.  (Limit 18 students.  There are no refunds for this workshop.)

pranayama pic

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