while I’m gone.

seated namaste selective focus

You guys, I’m taking a three week sabbatical from work.  Incredible opportunities for service, teaching, family time, and travel all coalesced in one month (July) and I’m taking advantage of ALL OF them!  (I mean, who can say no to officiating your best friend’s wedding?  or teaching meditation to high school kids at church camp? or road-tripping in an RV with your parents for 3 days to reach the great state of Washington? or camping/hiking/climbing your way back to KCMO from the Pacific Northwest with your soon-to-be-husband?…not me!)

I plan on returning to my blessed teaching schedule on July 24; I will miss you dearly. However, I promise to return feeling refreshed, invigorated and inspired!

And in the meantime, I’ve been diligently bolstering my Guided Meditations for you.

Summer is the absolute best– the days are incredibly long and fun-filled.  However, summer can take advantage of us, keeping us always on the go.  Taking a minute to ‘be still’ is an underestimated part of a balanced life style.

While I’m away, I’m leaving you one HUGE Meditation Challenge:

Spend 7 minutes in stillness every day for the entire month of July.

  1.  Sit outside and watch insects play on flowers.  (Read this Meditation Thought Monday which includes Mary Oliver’s The Summer’s Day.)
  2. Sit inside and simply allow your breath to bring you back to the Center of who you are.  (Read this Meditation Thought Monday challenge along the same lines.)
  3. Sit anywhere and try one of my new Guided Meditations.  You can access these audio files anywhere at any time and think of me…

I’ll be missing you!

Much love and Happy (summer) Meditating,


Here’s a sneak peek at one of my favorite techniques: 


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