quick fix: stress free in 60 seconds.

quick fix: stress free in 60 seconds.

You know those days that Nascar past you and leave you on the side of a dusty track feeling confused, jittery and not altogether sound of mind? The well-intentioned words “Yes, yes, yes, I’ll do that right after _____” are lost in the clamor of the day and ‘present moment’ or ‘mindfulness’ seem like ridiculous concepts that only used to matter to you. I definitely have those days. Usually involving surprises like, oh, a circuit breaker blew and the electricity is out, or oh, your colleague is in the hospital and needs all her classes covered or oh, Armageddon is on its way.

These are the days where finding time to meditate seems absolutely impossible because, well, frankly, you aren’t sure when you’ll find the time to even go to the bathroom.

On these days, I use a powerful ‘quick fix’ meditation technique that re-sets the brain as quickly as filling a blown fuse. It is based on a Kundalini yoga technique of combining a mantra (repetition of a word or phrase), a mudra (hand position) and specific breathing.

When I’m caught in the whirlwind of activity on a break-neck speed day, I use it as often as I can. I only need about 60 seconds to feel its benefits and ward off anxiety.

The words are: “I am peace and calm.” 

This simple mantra (repetition of a phrase) also has specific hand movements.

How to do it:

Touch the first finger to the thumb: “I”

Touch the second finger to the thumb: “am”

Touch the third finger to the thumb: “peace”

Touch the fourth finger to the thumb: “and calm.”

Repeat the mantra and do the hand motions, breathing deeply and evenly on the inhale and the exhale for 60 minutes.

File_003 “I am peace and calm.” 

Why to do it:

Physiologically, the fine motor movements of the fingers is a tactile reminder for the brain to re-set its cascade of stress hormones and stay in the moment.

Intellectually, the usage of present tense language of the mantra is a reminder for the mind to create its reality.

Energetically, the connection of the finger tips to the thumb creates a circuit of energy that acts as a conduit for the Spirit to be at ease.

You may not have 20 minutes for a full meditation practice, but you probably you have 60 seconds. Try this quick-fix and be stress free in 60 seconds.

Happy Stressing Less,


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