leaving for my sacred 2017 sabbatical.

Just like last year’s modern day sabbath, I’m heading out for my annual sabbatical. I’m eager for all the fun things I’ve got planned, but dreading 3 weeks without my best friend Russell Clive.

Who could say goodbye to this sweet boy?

What do I have planned?

I’ll see family (SoCal and Mimi, here I come!) and friends (I am beyond thrilled to train again with Yoga Medicine and my teacher Tiffany Cruikshank again) and live in van down by the river.

I’m not joking. Check out this sweet ride.

My Ironman built out a conversion van so we could drive to Canada for this sabbatical. We plan on celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary by hiking and biking and camping and lounging in the epic vastness of Canadian National Parks and generally being in awe of God’s crazy beautiful earth.

And most importantly, I’m taking a sacred Sabbath. In my study of Spaciousness (kha) I examined the sacred spaciousness of time, form and Soul (read previous posts). Sabbath is just that: a period of time devoted to being uncluttered, unplanned, unencumbered by ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts.’

Gerald May reminds us in his book The Awakened Heart that spaciousness has its roots in the Hebrew letters yodh and shin, combined to form the word that denotes freedom and removal of constriction. From these same letters emerges the root word for salvation. It makes sense to me that salvation is associated with spaciousness because it means being free to choose love over fear and choose consciously my thoughts and actions, as opposed to being directed by impulse, reaction. Spaciousness and rest, in time, in form and Soul is true freedom. For me, salvation is embracing moments for self-care of the Soul and consecrating those moments Godward.

And so, in a world that no longer values Sabbath, in a world that consistently tells me that working really hard makes me really worthy and resting makes me irrelevant, I’m taking a Sacred Sabbath Sabbatical to re-discover the freedom of spaciousness.

While I’m away, resting and rejuvenating and practicing self-care of the soul, please:

See you at the end of August, all rested and refreshed.


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