getting clear about what matters.

When my Ironman left the house this morning, he kissed Russell Clive on his furry head and said, “You be a good boy.” Then, he kissed me on my bedhead and said, “You be a good lady.”

Total clarity beamed through my pre-coffee morning fog. That was what mattered today. 

It didn’t matter all that much how much of my to-do list got marked off or how many steps I counted or how many tasks I accomplished between teaching my yoga classes and private client sessions. What mattered was that I was really, really clear on what mattered most.

This is difficult to remember: so often my alarm clock effectively steals my peace of mind. And first thing in the morning I’m swept away by an over-reliance on efficiency and a little anxiety about getting it all done.

In Yoga Philosophy, the yama, or ethical consideration of asteya is meant to counteract this. Asteya means “non-stealing.” It means getting really, really clear about our priorities and our growth, our key guiding principles that may not be at the top of our to-do list, but can be exemplified in-between all the box checking. Asteya means not letting the busyness of life steal attention and energy away from clarity, love, compassion, and all the things that matter more than accomplishing tasks.

In his book a Path with Heart, teacher Jack Kornfield offers these three questions for reflection to help bring us back to clarity:

  • Have I loved well?
  • Have I lived fully?
  • Have I learned to let go?

When I get really caught up in my ever-growing to-do list (reality check… I’m running a business… all the boxes will never be checked!) these three questions help bring me back to what really matters.

The other thing that really helps is my morning meditation practice. I don’t need to be an expert to do it, and I don’t even need to sit for 30 full minutes to benefit from its clarifying quiet. In fact, even as few as five minutes a day of mediation four times a week has been shown to have positive physiological benefits.

I highly suggest adding a five minute meditation to your morning routine. (I even snuggle with Russell Clive while I sit… it’s pretty darn cute.) If you’re still learning to meditate, or just have an overly-efficient brain like I do, try listening to one of my Guided Meditations. (They’re free!)

If you’re interested in learning along with me, join me for this 3-Week Distance Learning Course called Meditation for Stress Relief. I’ve taught this class four years running and this is the FIRST on-line sessions available to YOU, even if you don’t live in Kansas City.  Please join me!

Happy Getting Clear,


Meditation for Stress Relief DISTANCE LEARNING

Distance Learning: Meditation for Stress Relief
3-Week ONLINE COURSE January 27- February 10, 2019
Zoom Conference Meetings: 2 pm (CST) Sundays January 27, February 3 and February 10, 2019
In this distance learning class you’ll master the 5 basic steps of Organizing a Meditation Practice that relieves stress and reduces anxiety.
You’ll learn the physiological benefits of meditation, bust some common myths of meditation and master 12+ stress-busting practices you can incorporate into your daily routine. Together in our Zoom Conference Meetings, we’ll learn and practice techniques to trigger our body’s natural Relaxation Response and have time for discussion in an intimate learning environment.
In between our 3 Zoom Conference Meetings, you’ll complete homework assignments and enjoy the opportunity to check in with your fellow classmates. You’ll also receive weekly Inspiration in your inbox from Lisa, encouraging a successful plan for at-home daily meditation practice.
The course includes a detailed e-manual for future reference. You don’t even have to leave the house!

Investment: $65

Hurry! Registration Closes January 22, 2019.

USE PROMO CODE: LABLOG for $5 off your registration!


More details and Registration can be found at Westport Yoga KC’s website.

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