what’s your one thing?

photography by Chloe Virginia Photography.

Lately, when I sit down to write, I think: I am empty of creative energy. I’ve got nothing left to give to words and wisdom and the world. But then I take a deep breath and remember writing this little blog is not the One Thing I’m doing right now.

The One Thing I’m doing right now is creating a human. I am viscerally and fully participating in the most primal act of creation shared by all sentient beings since the beginning of time.

It’s not that I am devoid or emptied or hollowed out of creative energy; it’s not that I have nothing to say. (If you come to my yoga classes, you know I still have plenty to say.)

The One Thing that I’m doing right now is making this baby. My creative energy, my object of introspection, my desire for deeper wisdom is all directed inward toward this human whom I will love and guide and teach for (literally) the rest of my life. Right now, that’s my number One Thing.

We all need our One Thing. Because time is always precious and should always be spent intentionally. Creation is always precious and should always be treated with reverence.

As Rob Bell writes, “At any moment in the day, you can only do one thing at a time. And the more intentional you are about knowing what your one is, the more present you will be.”

And so at this very exhausting and exhilarating time of my life – I just spent six months remodeling a new yoga studio and reinventing my craft and career; my Ironman and I bought our first house to renovate the perfect little home for our little family; my professional writing career took hold and I sold four magazine articles in a few short months; I completed my Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist degree and was asked to join their prestigious teaching team— I need to continually come back to my ONE thing.

Otherwise, I’m going to miss this one time when I get to spend every moment of every day with my precious, independent, rowdy, hilarious, active and actively-loved child.

What’s your One Thing? What needs and deserves your full attention and energy? How can you commit to greater intention and presence with this One Thing?

Happy One-ing,


4 thoughts on “what’s your one thing?

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  2. Love this! Keep giving yourself grace. It’s hard to grow a baby. You might not recognize yourself for a little while. Everyday I getting back my own flow but it’s even better now, richer, sweeter now that I’m more than a women. We are moms.

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