wrangling time.


“When you are in difficulty, remember the world beckons to you with a bigger story. It invites you to vastness and freedom.” -Jack Kornfield

Right now, TIME is my biggest stressor. And, as I am nine months pregnant, I’m exhausting a great deal of energy I don’t have trying to both slow down and speed up time to accommodate my own frantic ranting:

“Our new house isn’t ready and neither am I! I need more time before this baby gets here! On the other hand, if I have to be pregnant for one more day I’m literally going to die. I can’t make it a few more weeks. But actually, kid, you have to stay in there until next Thursday; then you have permission to come out. But actually, I’m exhausted and miserable and in pain and tired of these contractions, so maybe we should just get the show on the road. But actually,– oh that’s right– it’s still too early. The longer you stay in there, the healthier you’ll be. So let’s speed up time and get through one more week… oh god… one more week…” 

and it continues.

When I’m stressed, it feels like the only reasonable response is to frantically try to control time. To somehow wrangle time and space to become smaller and smaller and smaller until it conforms to only my dilemma, my life, my internal drama.

It’s in these times of dramatic imploding when I find it immensely challenging (and also irritatingly helpful) to step back and take in the vastness of… drum roll please… the “bigger picture.”

There is a meditation from Jack Kornfield’s book No Time Like the Present called “Open to Timelessness” that helps me do this. The essence of this meditation is to sense vastness by allowing sensations, thoughts, memories and fears to pour like water from a fountain, while I simply watch, all the while remembering, “it is always now, the eternal present.”

Through this meditation, I remember the fallibility of my personal measurement of time and the malleability of actual time. And how, as Kornfield suggests, in times of difficulty, “the world beckons to me with a bigger story.”

Enjoy my adapted version of “Open to Timelessness” Guided Meditation, today (or whenever you have time) and accept the invitation to return to the eternal present.

“Open to Timelessness”

Happy Timing,


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1 thought on “wrangling time.

  1. Lisa: Best wishes for a smooth delivery of your new little one. Your life will forever be changed. Once a mother, always a mother until the day you die. Will be thinking of you and sending a prayer your way. Peace. Joyce Watkins/Odessa, MO.

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