can 28 days of meditation change your life?

53-IMG_0171.jpgMy little girl is 28 days old. I’ve been a living, breathing, real-life mom for only 28 days, and turns out, my life is completely changed.

The past few weeks as I’ve been updating Westport Yoga KC’s curriculum for the upcoming learning year, I’ve been adding favorite passages and meditation techniques from Real Happiness by Sharon Salzberg. This book is a 28 day introduction to meditation program. 28 days, Salzberg contents, to uncover “Real Happiness.”

Is that even possible? So many people tell me they don’t see the point in meditation; or they DO see the appeal but aren’t super convinced that it will change their life in any way. But you guys, 28 days can be a lifetime.

In the 28 days since my daughter was born, my mindset, my body and my heart have been transformed.

Obviously, I’m still (mostly) same person as I was a month ago. But not really; I’m even better. I’m centered and clear about my intentions. I a little but calmer, a whole lot stronger, and definitely more “me.”

How is this possible in just 28 days?

I’ve been diligent about practicing a morning meditation, pranayama breath exercises, reading an inspiring devotion, listening to an empowering podcast and journaling every day (I have plenty of hours for a morning routine now that we are getting up at 4:20 for breakfast and our “morning” lasts until 1 pm nap time). I’ve been diligent about trusting my spiritual practices to keep me calm when Baby Eden throws a screaming fit and I’m exhausted and hurting for her. I’ve been committed to getting fresh air and sunlight on our skin so we both feel connected to Power who Created us. I’ve purposefully taken these 28 days to move even deeper into a sense of worthiness, clarity and wholeness.

So yes, 28 days of ardent mindful practice, can actually, clearly, really change your life. (Some studies have shown that just 5 minutes of mindfulness and slow breathing done daily for four weeks greatly decreases stress, anxiety and diastolic blood pressure while increasing a sense of overall well-being.)

As Salzberg writes, meditation moves us toward wholeness, so “we rediscover a strong center, an inner store of mental and emotional strength that was once lost to us. Once we have a sense of a center, we can more easily withstand the onslaught of overstimulation, uncertainty, and anxiety the world launches at us without getting overwhelmed.”

Yes, motherhood is crazy hours of hard work; I’m not saying it’s easy keeping an infant alive and emotionally strong. I’m just saying that 28 days of mindfulness deepened my clarity, confidence and contentment exponentially. And if that’s possible with a tiny stranger now running the show as my bossbabe, then perhaps it’s possible for you to also uncover a taste of wholeness and happiness if you commit to 28 days… maybe this meditation thing is for real.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

Where to start?

“Letting Go of Thought” Meditation

Complete 3 Part Breathing

“Be Still and Know” Meditation

“Open to Receive” Meditation

looking forward to meditating with you,

-lisa (and Baby Eden)

Guided Meditation Teachings

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3 thoughts on “can 28 days of meditation change your life?

  1. This was a beautiful read. I love how becoming a mom coincided with a meditation practice. What a lovely gift to give your new self and your sweet baby.

    Thank you.

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