what we will say when this is over:


What we will say when this is over:

“We read books and we listened to stories and we listened to each other.
We rested and we waited and the ground turned green and the daylillies bloomed secretly overnight.

We looked lovingly into each other‘s eyes and saw each other in stillness for the first time in many weeks or many years.

We took walks together as families and we cuddled our pets as we reassured those that we love that everything would be ok.

We took a look at what we loved, and who we loved and how we supported each other. We thought about the impact of our purchases, our spending, our investments, our time.

We consciously decided how to support businesses and people that we cared about.

We took a hard look at what we valued and how we lived by these values. We made decisions to be more mindful with our time in the future. And move a little slower and appreciate a little more.

We valued our health.

We sat and we watched the rain fall and we ate nourishing meals and drank copious amounts of coffee.

We reached out to each other and we said, how can I help? And we meant it.
We were kind and gracious. When an appointment was cancelled or an event was postponed we said, I understand; stay safe and stay well.

We paid attention to what we were buying, where we were buying it, how we were using it, and what we could do without. We chose to share instead of to hoard.

We said thank you. We meant it.

We said, we are in this together.”

Readers and Seekers:
We are in this together.  Listen to this Podcast Interview with Lisa about the benefits of Yoga as a Spiritual Practice. Take a moment to re-set and ground yourself. Now is the time to practice your yoga.


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2 thoughts on “what we will say when this is over:

  1. Thank you for this Lisa. It meant the world to me to read it and take a moment and rest. Thank you so very much. I am so grateful for your teaching and your peace.  Please take care of yourself and your family. Sending you all my best thoughts. Denise

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