we must choose stillness.


Collectively, we don’t know the answers yet, which means that individually, we must be part of the answers.

But first, we must learn to listen very carefully to the fear that tells us we are alone and we should be afraid and we will not make it through this tumult strong enough to find a new normal. We must hear this, so we can choose to disregard it.

We must calm this overactive, anxious, panicked voice by saying, “I hear you fear, but you are not Truth; you are not the way of Light and depth and love. I choose connection and kindness and quiet. I choose to stay grounded in what I know is Life Giving and what brings me closer to Wholeness.”

We choose this by sitting with our fear and our hope and our panic and the fullness of what is, until we feel grounded in stillness. We choose this stillness because this stillness is the place where inspiration and hope and answers emerge.

According to the yoga tradition, we develop inner stillness through Meditation, Breath and Community.

Learn the Guided Meditation Technique called Body Scan to ground into the present moment when you most need it.

Body Scan Guided Meditation

Learn the Yoga Breathing Teaching called Extended Exhale to ground into stillness when you most need it.

Extended Exhale Breathing: Vishama Vritti Pranayama

Learn more and practice additional Yoga Breathing Techniques Here:  The Power of Pranayama


Enjoyed these teachings? Consider partnering with Lisa so she can continue creating quality resources. Thank you!

Pranayama Guided Teachings



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