writing your truth: 6 week course.

Writing Your Truth Fall 2020

Nothing has helped me achieve greater clarity and healing than daily Writing Meditation. When my thoughts crystallize into written words, patterns that I couldn’t see previously in the swirling of my internal monologue become clear.

The first few minutes of pen-to-paper writing is just the surface excavation: I’m dumping and sweeping dirt aside to get down to the next level. This “next level” is when I get courageous enough to write down the thoughts that I would never say aloud to anyone.

Writing meditation helps me identify any limiting beliefs swirling around in my mind, making it all muddy and gunky. And then, combined with the spiritual practices of intention, breath and meditation, it helps me clear it all off, clean up my mind and come back to my Truth.

Research suggests that the practice of journaling and writing meditation reduces stress, help us process grief and promotes healthy expression of emotion.

In this 6 week course “Writing Your Truth,” to learn how daily writing meditation can unleash you from long-held mental habits and beliefs and help you uncover your Truth.

“Writing Your Truth” 6 week course

Sunday September 27- Sunday November 8, 2020

with Julie Edge and Lisa Ash Drackert

Learn how to build and sustain a daily writing meditation practice in this exclusive 6-week course with Julie Edge, PhD and certified Life Coach and Lisa Ash Drackert, Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist.

6 Week Daily Writing Course: September 27- November 8, 2020, including 4 Online Classes via Zoom 4:00-5:30 pm (CST)

  • Sunday September 27

  • Sunday October 11

  • Sunday October 25

  • Sunday November 8

julie and lisa (small)

We’d like to invite you to enroll early and reserve your place in this incredible course with us.

4 thoughts on “writing your truth: 6 week course.

  1. Is it necessary to attend zoom live?? I’m interested in signing up but may not be able to attend live due to my daughters soccer schedule.

    Thank you Wendy Hummell

    Sent from my iPhone


    • We fully expect students to work this class into their lifestyle and understand that not everyone will be able to attend every session. You are more than welcome to enroll and we will make sure you get all of the class materials even if you need to miss a session or two!

  2. Hello. Im interested in this training and had a few questions. What time will the zoom trainings be and is it required to attend live?

    Thank you Wendy Hummell

    Sent from my iPhone


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