21 Day Gratitude Meditation Challenge, November 2020

“The real gift of gratitude is that the more grateful you are, the more present you become.”

-Robert Holden

In this Gratitude Meditation Challenge, you’ll receive a daily text reminding you to take a moment to pause, breathe and attune to gratitude.

The text message is designed to help you create and sustain a Daily Gratitude Practice. It may be a sentiment of gratitude, a guided breathing technique, an audio meditation or an inspirational article.

Studies suggest that people with a formal Gratitude Practice are more likely to adopt healthy habits, are more satisfied with their lives, sleep better, are less fatigued and are overall happier than people who don’t have a Gratitude Practice. (Read more from the John Templeton Foundation: The Science of Gratitude.)

This program culminates with a guided experience of Lisa’s Gratitude Meditation offered on Thanksgiving Day to share with your loved ones.

Daily Gratitude Meditation

with Lisa Ash Drackert

November 5- November 26, 2020

Your enrollment includes a $2 Donation to Rose Brooks Center. Learn more about their work helping women and children re-build their lives after leaving abusive homes. Rosebrooks.org

Enrollment closes November 4, 2020. Texts are sent 6 am CST, you can join this program from any time zone.

consider this your invitation.

Each fall we are wired to seek a return to routine.

At Westport Yoga KC, we teach a comprehensive yoga and meditation curriculum that offers routine and structure for your learning.

Our yearly curriculum is a comprehensive yoga education based on the full spectrum of yoga philosophy, breathing exercises, anatomically informed yoga poses and meditation.

In my classes we’ll consider concepts such as satya which is truthfulness, integrity and authenticity, and aprigraha, which is generosity. These are precepts of yoga philosophy that are so powerful that they transform hearts and minds and entire communities from fear-based to love-based speech and action.

Consider this your invitation.

Join me for classes this fall, either in my In-Person Classroom in Kansas City, Missouri, or my Online Classroom via Zoom.

Fall 2020 Yoga Teaching Schedule:


Saturday 9:00 am (CST) Hatha Yoga (Online Classroom)

Saturday 10:30 am Restore and Meditate (In-Person Classroom)


Monday 12:00 pm (CST) Hatha Yoga (Online Classroom)

Monday 6:00 pm Gentle Yoga Fundamentals (In-Person Classroom)


Tuesday 6:00 pm (CST) Vinyasa Yoga (Online Classroom)


Thursday12:00 pm (CST) Yoga Therapeutics (Online Classroom)

Consider this the invitation you’ve been waiting for.

Consider this your invitation to join classes in our 2 Learning Locations: In-Person in Kansas City, Missouri and in my Online Classroom.

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give yourself 5 more minutes.

Do you know that Jonas Brothers song, “5 more minutes?” (If you don’t regularly listen to teen pop music in the car with the windows down like I do, here’s a sneak peek of the song.)

Lately, it’s my theme song. I’m constantly pleading for “just 5 more minutes” to myself before engaging with other humans.

I’ve learned that the most effective thing I can do to prepare myself for a transition– from work to home, from relaxation to 100% attention, from solitude to group energy– is not actually from the Jonas Brothers (god bless their teenage energy), but is actually from the Yoga Tradition.

In the teachings of yoga, formal breathing exercises are highly regarded as effective tools for increasing mental, physical and emotional resiliency and clarity.

Breathing exercises are called “pranayama.” This the fourth aspect of the traditional eight aspects of yoga philosophy. You can read my detailed article pranayama teachings for more information.

One of my favorite pranayama techniques is called Anuloma Pranayama.

Anuloma Pranayama practice is a specific breathing technique that improves concentration, reduces stress and prepares you well for mental transitions.

In this technique you place the fingers of your right hand on the bridge of your nose to add slight pressure on the exhale, essentially directing the breath out through only one nostril.

The inhale is through both nostrils and the exhale is through only one nostril. Practice for five minutes and end with just a moment of stillness before moving on in your day.

Try Anuloma Breathing Here:

Five minutes can make a world of difference to your mental health (according to yoga and also to according to the Jonas Bros.)

Pranayama Practices

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