yoga classes “On Demand” with Lisa.

These classes with Lisa Ash Yoga are carefully curated to feature the best that yoga has to offer: reduced stress, increased range of motion, enhanced nervous system function and connected mind-body-spirit.

Lisa’s signature class styles of myofascial release, breath-based flow, fascial healing and meditation are yours: One Purchase, One Class. Exactly what you need, when you need it.

3 Easy Steps:

  1. Choose a class that’s perfect for you. Classes are organized by level of intensity: Therapeutic Flow, Gentle Flow, Vigorous Flow and Strength Flow.
  2. Click through to Purchase.
  3. Check your email for your link and take your pre-recorded Yoga Therapeutics Class with Lisa.

As a Yoga Medicine® Registered Therapeutic Specialist, Lisa is trained in anatomy, postural alignment and specialized yoga for healing.

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Recommended Classes:

Gentle Flow: Desk-bound Flow for Presence

This is a 70 minute Gentle Flow Yoga Class with Lisa Ash Drackert designed to relieve physical tension accumulated from sitting at a desk. This flow will open up the front body, stretch the torso and encourage emotional presence.

This class teaches Viloma Breathing technique to encourage the full capacity of your breath and a meditation technique called “Body Scan.”

Gentle Flow Yoga integrates movement and breath to restore optimal range of motion, hydration and health to the joints and connective tissues.