why the details matter.

No one sees the “behind the scenes” set up in my Online Classroom, but I decorate it anyway. Because the details matter. How I organize my “teacher station” is how I organize my mental landscape when I come to teach; how I organize my outside is how I organize my inside.

In yoga practice, we remember that the details matter when we pay attention to the exact placement of our front foot in crescent lunge, and to the alignment of our kneecap in Warrior 2 and to the quiet quality of our breath in meditation.

We remember that how we do one thing is how we do everything.

Removing distracting clutter and purposefully adding touches of beauty to our day cues in purpose and meaning.

In yoga philosophy teaching, this teaching is connected to a concept called aparigraha. Aparigraha is typically defined as “letting go” or “non-hoarding.”

When I think about aparigraha, I remember that the details of my day– even as benign as what I see in the background while I’m teaching yoga online– actually matter.

When I purposefully organize my life around meaning or let go of accumulated mental and physical clutter, I can attune to the depth and the details of the moment. I can cue in to a mental and emotional resonance of meaning and stillness, which is the true definition of yoga.

What detail of your day can you change today? What detail can add meaning to your moment? What detail will matter most today?

Read more about yoga philosophy from Lisa: Key Yoga Learnings

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