winter recovery workshop.

“Winter Recovery Yoga” Workshop

Thursday January 28, 2021

6- 7:15 pm with Lisa Ash Drackert

in the Westport Yoga KC Online Classroom

Winter weather can take its toll on your mobility; but winter can also be the perfect time to invest in your store of inner vital energy.

Join Lisa Ash Drackert for her signature class style: Myofascial Release, intelligent breath-based flow and deeply healing Yin Yoga followed by Meditation blended to support winter recovery.

Learn wisdom from Traditional Chinese Medicine to support your kidney and bladder meridian lines and help your body store up vital essence for continued optimal health through the end of winter.

This class will be delivered in the Westport Yoga KC Online Classroom Central Standard Time (CST). After class concludes, you’ll receive a link to the recorded class, which means even if you can’t join Lisa live on Thursday January 28 you can still enroll and learn.

working from home? need a little yoga? these classes are for you.

Have you noticed that you feel stiff after sitting at your desk for a few hours?

Have you noticed that you feel frazzled or stressed at the end of the work day?

These classes with Lisa Ash Yoga are carefully curated to feature the best that yoga has to offer: reduced stress, increased range of motion, enhanced nervous system function and connected mind-body-spirit.

Exactly what you need when you are working from home.

Recommended “On Demand” Yoga Classes:

Gentle Flow: Desk-bound Flow for Presence

This is a 70 minute Gentle Flow Yoga Class with Lisa Ash Drackert designed to relieve physical tension accumulated from sitting at a desk. This flow will open up the front body, stretch the torso and encourage emotional presence.

Gentle Flow Yoga integrates movement and breath to restore optimal range of motion, hydration and health to the joints and connective tissues.

Downgrade your Nervous System: Restorative Flow

This is a 60 minute Therapeutic Flow Yoga class that supports the plasticity of your nervous system by taking nerves through their full range of motion. Delve into Svadyaya (self-study and inquiry) by refining your awareness of your immunonervous system and supporting mental stillness.

This practice teaches Viloma or ‘ladder breathing’ pranayama technique to help relax the nervous system, reduce anxiety and increase lung capacity.

3 Easy Steps to Invest in Your “On Demand” Yoga Class:

  1. Choose a class that’s perfect for you. Classes are organized by level of intensity: Therapeutic Flow, Gentle Flow, Vigorous Flow and Strength Flow.
  2. Click through to Purchase.
  3. Check your email for your link and take your pre-recorded Yoga Therapeutics Class with Lisa. Your class is available for 30 days; you can take it as many times as you need!

Use Promo Code at check out for $5 off your first class: “LABLOG”

As a Yoga Medicine® Registered Therapeutic Specialist, Lisa is trained in anatomy, postural alignment and specialized yoga for healing.