love your liver with yoga.

Your liver is an integral part of our ongoing health and wellness. It represents our body’s innate ability to adapt and heal because it regenerates after damage, it filters blood, neutralizes excess hormones and helps support elimination of wastes.

3 Ways to Love Your Liver 

Yoga Breathing:

Your Liver lives just below the ribcage on the right side of your body and is attached to the bottom side of your diaphragm. Deep, diaphragmatic breathing actually massages the liver and can help downgrade your nervous system so that your internal organs are working their best.

Try this yoga breathing exercise called “Anuloma Pranayama:”

Yoga Relaxation:

Conscious relaxation techniques promote restful sleep; this is imperative for the liver cells to regenerate after damage. Learning to relax and get restful sleep also partner to help you maintain a healthy metabolism, which is another key job of your liver.

When you’re feeling jittery, try this Systematic Relaxation Technique called “Body Scan”

Yoga Poses:

Compression and gentle twists stimulate circulation locally around the liver. Increased circulation helps the liver process excess hormones and filter metabolic byproducts to help remove toxins efficiently.

Ready to learn more?

Join me for a special “Internal Detox Yoga Class” on Thursday 2/11 at 12 pm (CST) in the Westport Yoga KC Online Classroom.

This 60 minute class will help you love your liver specifically and focus on global movements that support your overall metabolism and your immune system.

Yoga Therapeutics Classes with Lisa take place each Thursday at 12 pm (CST) in the Westport Yoga KC Online Classroom.

New to Online Yoga? Check out Lisa’s Teaching Schedule and find the best class for you:

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