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The primary aim of personal one-on-one yoga sessions with Lisa is to move you toward optimal health in mind, body and spirit.

Lisa Ash Drackert is a registered Yoga Medicine® Therapeutic Specialist with over twelve years of experience.

Lisa’s expertise is in Spinal Therapeutics and asana alignment, myofascial release and meditation.  is available for personal one-on-one yoga sessions held at her studio, Westport Yoga KC.

Personal therapeutic yoga sessions are perfect for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of body mechanics, alleviate chronic pain, improve joint mobility and create a stronger mind-body connection.

We examine your individual spinal imbalances, inefficient movement patterns or fascial health issues that contribute to recurring distress on your body. We then apply therapeutic modes of yoga poses, meditation, breathing techniques and myofascial release to heal the tissues.

New Clients must book a set of 3 sessions. The initial 75 minute session includes a 15 minute spinal structure and mobility assessment as well as time to talk about your unique goals and concerns. Subsequent sessions are 60 minutes in length. After that, you may book follow up sessions at your convenience.

The best way to contact Lisa to schedule personal sessions is to use the contact form on this page.