guided meditation

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“Meditation is a skill that can be learned and practiced. At first, looking for the space of stillness between the inhale and the exhale can confirm just how busy your mind really is. It may feel difficult, almost impossible, to slow down your thoughts. However, with time and practice, you will be able to distinguish individual thoughts and learn to examine the quality of each thought. Meditation doesn’t require you to stop thinking. It requires you to become intimately aware of your thought processes so that you can choose which thoughts are helpful in your healing and which thoughts are simply ‘thoughts’.

We can then interact with our world with wisdom and with ease, getting to know ourselves by choosing our responses instead of reacting.

 When we better know ourselves, we can better love ourselves.”

Please enjoy these Free Guided Meditations from Lisa Ash Yoga.

Guided Audio Meditations

Relax Systematically

Body Scan: (5 minutes)

Contract and Relax: (6 minutes)

61 Points of Light: (12 minutes)

Pratyhara Meditation: (3 minutes):

Follow Your Bloodstream (4 minutes)

Establish Breath Awareness

Counting 1-10: (7 minutes) 

So Hum: (4 minutes)

Counting Backward: (4 minutes)

Feel Yourself Breathing: (7 minutes)

Use a Mantra to refine your inner focus

Sat Nam/Truth and Love: (6 minutes) 

Own Your Light: (6 minutes)

Present Moment, Wonderful Moment: (5.5 minutes)

Be Still and Know: (4 minutes)

Open to Receive: (6 minutes)

Loving-kindness (Metta) Meditation (9 minutes)


Kid’s Yoga Audio Guided Meditations

Selfie Hug: (2 minutes) 

I am Peace and Calm: (3 minutes)

Have a Great Day: (4 minutes) 

Wash Away the Tension: (5 minutes)  

Ready to Learn/ Extended Exhale: (7 minutes)

Breathing in, I know I am breathing in: (6 minutes)