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Cool, Calm, and Collected:

Breathing techniques for children to calm down and learn self-control

As an educator and a yoga teacher, I worked in elementary schools, pre-schools and day care settings, witnessing more rip-roaring, chair-throwing melt-downs than I care to recall. After hundreds of hours of working with children and adults in these settings, I distilled one gem of wisdom: kids don’t like feeling upset any more than adults like them feeling upset.

Kids want to be able to self-soothe, they want to be able to calm themselves down, they want to feel like their brain is their partner, not their adversary.  Teachers, caretakers and parents want this too.  As caring adults, we are searching for strategies that empower young people to take charge of their emotional climate so they can feel cool, calm, and collected.

3 important Ideas:
From years of clinical experience and graduate level research, I’ve distilled that the three most powerful benefits of teaching yoga breathing  and meditation techniques to children are:

  1. Body awareness and acceptance: “My body is safe and so I am I.”
  2. Emotional self-regulatory capacity: “I can calm myself down.”
  3. Shift from external to internal locus of control: “I am in control of my thoughts and I make good choices.”

These are valuable intentions for anyone– kids and grown-up kids alike. I believe it is helpful to use these intentions while working with these and other kid’s meditations.

Using the first-person form of speech is powerful for little ones: it gives them a sense of personal ownership and autonomy. Using this wording repeatedly helps these intentions stick and the concepts become reality.

Add these Meditations into your daily routine with your Little Ones.

May you and your family be happy, healthy and whole together.

Much love and gratitude,


Kid’s Yoga Guided Meditations

“Selfie Hug:” (2 minutes) 

“I am Peace and Calm:” (3 minutes)

“Have a Great Day:” (4 minutes) 

“Wash Away the Tension:” (5 minutes)  

“Breathing in, I know I am breathing in:” (6 minutes)

“Ready to Learn:” (7 minutes)

Kid’s Yoga Guided Meditations

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