meditation thought Mondays

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Need a little pick-me-up for your week?  Don’t suffer from a ‘Case of the Mondays.’

#MeditationThoughtMondays: Inspiration, teaching, and Meditation Challenges.  Monday can be your favorite day of the week, after all.

Choose an image below, read the article, practice the meditation over the course of the week and enjoy every minute of life.

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friends with yourself

understanding pic

self care picture for site

bells of mindfulness

compassion the link

rock with waves pic

generous odds

who you are once you get there

who we really are

deep driving desire

so be patient with silence pic


dream big start now

you cannot capture silence

what you think, you become

need light and dark

suffering can be transformed

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sense of ease (schiffman)

exercise discernment

vacate daily

stress less

you have time

small happy life


pay close attention

fill your heart with whats important