every day that my friends do well in the world, I am grateful.


gratitude challenge day thirteen: November 19.

Steps to completing the gratitude meditation challenge:

Every day that my friends do well in the world,

I am grateful.”

Read.  Breathe.  Smile.  Sit in stillness.  Read again.  Express your gratitude for this moment and for all of the many blessings which bring you joy in this life.

day thirteen

Why gratitude?  Because it’s the only reasonable response to being alive.  Read more here.      

With gratitude,



yoga is ‘the good life.’

April Showers 012 (2)

“You know, yoga is a good life.  It’s pretty amazing, I just did yoga once and I was really surprised that I liked it.  I kept going back because it was the only form of exercise that I actually liked.  And it’s amazing, you know… the more you do yoga the more you start to pay attention to what you put in your body.  What you see, what you do, what you think, what you eat.  It just makes life good.”        -Tim


Well, that says it all.  Tim: Thanks for stopping to talk to me while I was drinking my beet smoothie, enjoying the sunshine and my laptop, taking in ‘the good life.’  Thought I’d share your joy with the rest of my friends.

If you are interested in starting your own yoga practice and need some motivation, check out my Teaching Schedule.  If you don’t live near KC, MO e-mail me for some great recommendations of studios in your area.  My information can be found on my Contact page.

 It’s about time to start living ‘the good life.’  

See you soon,

-lisa  2013-10-28 17.28.36 (and Russell Clive Ash… enjoying ‘the good life.’)


what would you do if nothing stood in your way?

what would you do if nothing stood in your way?

I’m always on the lookout for questions like these.  My girlfriends from college are relatively scattered these days, so we communicate every week by group email.  To add to the ‘daily dish’ we share about our families, our jobs, our homes, our stresses, and our successes, I insert a Question of the Day into the email chain and everyone answers as honestly as she can.  Sometimes the questions are really important (i.e. Vampire or Zombie?), sometimes the questions are simply thought-provoking (i.e. what personal success did you experience in the past week?) and sometimes the questions are soul-searching:

what would you do if nothing stood in your way?

I found this question featured on a Lululemon Athletica shopping tote (which I adore, and maybe also hoard to re-use as grocery bags) and it immediately struck me as an integral question for self-evolution.  Self-doubting, questioning, searching, and seeking are all activities of the mind-ego… and believe me, my mind-ego is ripe with activity despite (because of?) years of yoga and meditation.  Yoga is a discipline that gives us the tools for listening to our inner-voice and eavesdropping on our Soul but what we hear isn’t always clear or straightforward.  Taoist philosopher Lao Tzu is attributed with saying: “At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.”  Meaning the more we learn and utilize tools for self-reflection and inner study the more clarity we gain.  Our soul’s deepest desires are not outside of us.  Our soul’s deepest desires are inherent within us.  So, what would you do if nothing stood in your way?  That’s a literal question, not a hypothetical one.   Go ahead… answer it.

I mean, really, your answer may reveal dreams that you’ve never before had the courage to say out loud.  You may hear in your answer an inner-wisdom, speaking softly.  And you may end up navigating your life experiences to include your answers.

What would I do if nothing stood in my way?

I’d garden.  I’d have an expansive, fertile vegetable garden in my back yard and I’d spend hours tending it.  I’d have enough vegetables to feed two vegetarians.  (Which is not easy, since my Ironman and I eat a boat load of veggies.  Russell Clive is a full-on carnivore, in case you were wondering.  Turns out: dogs eat meat.)


I’d write.  For no one.  For myself.  For the world.

I’d go on PeaceWalks across the desert campaigning against nuclear weapons and I’d hang out with the Dalai Lama.

I’d travel to San Francisco one morning just to drink Peet’s Coffee, hike in the Berkeley Hills, hug my friends, and take a yoga class.  Then I’d fly home that same day.

I’d read every book in the library.

I’d never let fear of failure hold me back.

I’d live as if each day was my last chance to breathe joy into this world.

What would you do?  Honestly: comment, Facebook, text or email me your answers.  Happy Soul searching.




free class at Lululemon store in KC, MO.

where will you be this Sunday?…  January 26, 2014

photo cred SFA

photo cred SFA

I’ll be teaching a FREE yoga class at 11:00 am Sunday, January 26.

Brunchasana: Lululemon Plaza Store in Kansas City, Missouri

Lululemon Plaza Store Calender for more information.

 It’s a rockin’ vinyasa (all levels) class.  Bring:  1. your own mat;  2. a friend;  3. a smile.

See you there! (Call or email me if you need more details.)


holiday special ($5 a class!)

small lotusHoliday Special!

For the month of December…a holiday special on Sunday Night classes!

All Beginning Yoga and Meditation classes  at Liberty Community of Christ Church are only $5 per person (drop-in only, no session discounts).  

If the holiday season is a time when you begin to think, “I really don’t have time to do anything for myself”…. that’s all the more reason to come breathe with us.  Take the time to nourish yourself so that you can be a blessing to others, striving to live a life filled with compassion for yourself and for your community.

Classes are held at 5:30 pm on:

Sunday December 1

Sunday December 8

Sunday December 15

Classes will resume in January.

Liberty Community of Christ Church, 1220 W. Liberty Drive, Liberty MO, 64068

Please bring your own mat and your own yoga block to class.  Contact lisa at: ash.lisamarie at gmail for more information.


the sacred is in every moment

Sacred traditions abound as we move into autumn and winter in the northern hemisphere.  This November we honor Diwali, Hanukkah, and Thanksgiving as celebrations of sacred community.

photo cred EMA

As I move forward into the holiday season, my yoga practice helps keep me grounded.  It helps me remember to spend time in gratitude after every practice.  It helps me remember that the Sacred is actually present constantly, not just on holidays and holy days.

This quote is my favorite reminder:

“The Sacred is in every moment.

And if we find it—by paying attention to our breath, or the feel of the Earth beneath our feet, or the light in our child’s eyes—if we find it (by being present), we stay focused and disciplined.

When we find it, we reconnect with an infinite wellspring of motivation, inspiration, and love.

-Sivananda Yoga Teacher, Swami Ben Ralston 

Read more at: http://benralston.blogspot.com

Polished, professional and perfectly serene

photo cred: SFA

When Maya Yoga student Kim Saunders offered to shoot individual photos of our instructors to update the Maya Yoga website, owners Kathleen Kastner-Mortenson and Wade Mortenson jumped at the chance to work this talented artist.  I was the first model: Kim was dedicated enough to conduct our shoot right after my 6 am class ended!

The sun continued to rise throughout our shoot, creating an intriguing balance of shadow and light.  With each shot, we adjusted, re-adjusted, and re-adjusted again.  Kim continued to search for most harmonious balance of effort and ease.  The results are simply stunning.  Polished, professional, and perfectly serene.

Thank you for these gorgeous photos, Kim.  What a blessing you are.

photo cred: SFA

photo cred: SFA

To learn more about Kim and book her to capture your next life event, visit Saunders Fine Arts at http://www.saundersfinearts.com/about.html

Thank you Jana Marie Photography!


A heartfelt Thank You to Jana Marie Photography for the amazing Kansas City Yoga Instructor photo shoot.

Jana is a wedding, portrait and lifestyle photographer based out of the Kansas City, Missouri, & the Los Angeles, California area.

She is a fabulous photographer and a one of the most fun people I know:

“I love getting to celebrate with couples, families, seniors, and children who absolutely love photography as much as I do. And I am super honored that people are choosing me to spend the day with them on one of the most important days of their lives, or even for the few hours we spend on your lifestyle session together.  I am passionate about people, the big man up stairs and the importance of a strong marriage. I do all that I can share in an experience of a life time with you and leave you with some incredible and timeless moments for you to remember for the rest of your lives,” she says.

Get to know Jana Marie Photography and check out Lisa’s Life Style Event Gallery at: http://www.janamariephotos.com/

Here is a sneak peek: