yoga pants on a honeymoon.

After 1.5 years of engagement, my IronMan and I tied the knot on Saturday October 1, 2016 at a venue in the Crossroads District of Kansas City, Missouri. (In the same neighborhood as our first blind date! Did you know we met each other at a yoga class!?)


So happy to marry this incredible man and seek adventure with him every day!

We are heading to the Northeast during peak fall foliage for a tour of the White Mountains. It’ll be fun to explore a new corner of the country; we are staying at huts on the Appalachian Trail that are ‘hike-in only’ and then travelling to Burlington, Vermont on Lake Champlain. We are looking forward to lots of adventuring, hiking up some gnarly peaks, and hopefully some epic yoga pics!  The fun thing is that my friends at Lululemon CCP store gifted me white yoga clothes and new white baseball cap so even while I’m hiking I’ll look like a bride!

Remember, even if you aren’t planning a trip right now, you can engage in a Micro-adventure and even travel Nowhere.

While I’m gone, please enjoy my audio Guided Meditations. Try this new one called “So Hum Meditation”, which brings you closer to the unity with the sound of your breath.

Much love, I’ll catch you when I get back– as Mrs. Lisa Ash Drackert!

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risks cloaked in awesomeness.

I’m looking forward to giant opportunities that are tactfully revealing themselves to be risks cloaked in awesomeness. One opportunity is the role of a Store Ambassador for Lululemon Athletica—it’s an awesome company with a remarkable focus on building leaders in our community. But, Holy Cow, I am opening myself up to all sorts of risk.

A cool thing about being a Lululemon Athletica Store Ambassador? I’m a little bit famous.

A not-cool thing about being a Lululemon Athletica Store Ambassador?  I’m a little bit famous.

My official photo shoot courtesy of epagafoto and Allyson Cheney was really fun—my best friend Russell Clive was with me and we took adorable yoga-dog photos.

But sifting through the proofs was the worst.


Look how fun this photo is! Russell Clive is adorable! photo cred epagaFoto and Allyson Cheney

So, you know that mental script that plays on repeat when you are confronted with a vulnerable situation? The one that is overly self-critical and automatically searches for reasons to judge and retreat into self-defeat? (Oh, that story?) It definitely played as the soundtrack to a meeting where I critiqued a million digital photos of myself. And chose three. To be ENLARGED. And hung on the walls of a store. On. The. Plaza.

The moment Kim opened her lap top, I heard the opening credits to the most popular story most women write about themselves: ‘Never perfect, but good try.’

I realized quickly that if I was going to make it through this meeting at Kaldi’s without having a minor breakdown, I had to write a new, risky ending to this story where I embraced vulnerability and ventured into confidence. 

It was treacherous territory.  I could start writing this story, but I couldn’t control the ending. I mean, these pictures would adorn the walls of Lululemon CCP for two whole years. How many shoppers will see a ridiculously HUGE picture of me and judge, critique, compare and shame?  How many will people will think: “Who’s that girl?! She doesn’t look like a yoga model, she’s not that special, and those aren’t even impressive yoga poses”?  Probably a few. For sure, more than I care to listen to.


I had to write a new, risky ending to this story where I embraced vulnerability and ventured into confidence. photo cred epagaFoto and Allyson Cheney

Because guess what? I decided that I’m going to risk it. I’m going to risk being vulnerable, risk being criticized, risk being the trigger for someone else’s insecurities. I’m going to risk being uncomfortable and use all the lessons that yoga has taught me about compassion to bring back into focus what is meaningful.

Do you have any ‘risks cloaked in awesomeness’ that you’ve been avoiding? What are your mental scripts, or habitual samskara’s, that play as a soundtrack to your difficult moments?  How has your practice of discernment and yoga helped you hear these scripts differently?

If you are feeling like you need more courage to Own Your Light and own your vulnerability, one of the best things you can do is meditate on your Light.  Please enjoy this Guided Meditation, “Own Your Light”

Practice this meditation every day for a week. It’s a surefire way to gain courage and confidence so you can re-write the endings to the stories you tell yourself.

Happy Re-Writing,


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tunes 2.0

After teaching at the Lululemon Plaza Store on Mother’s Day, I’ve received a slew of requests for my rockin’ Vinyasa Playlists… I won’t reveal all my secrets (you need to come practice with me to hear them all!) but here is a screen shot of my playlist called LuluParty.  Happy Listening.

lululemon party


See you soon,


Westport Yoga featured at Lululemon Stores

Great News! Westport Yoga KC is the featured Yoga Studio for the month of May at the Lululemon Athletica Country Club Plaza location.  Come take a free Sunday morning Brunchasana with our inspiring teachers.  All classes begin at 11:00 am on Sundays; bring a mat, a friend, and a Sunday smile.

I’ll be teaching on Mother’s Day morning: May 11, 11:00 am.

View More:

Come share in a nourishing practice (bring your mother) and then head to a nourishing brunch with your family.

For more information visit Westport Yoga KC or the Lululemon KC Plaza site.

See you there!  Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

small momma


free class at Lululemon store in KC, MO.

where will you be this Sunday?…  January 26, 2014

photo cred SFA

photo cred SFA

I’ll be teaching a FREE yoga class at 11:00 am Sunday, January 26.

Brunchasana: Lululemon Plaza Store in Kansas City, Missouri

Lululemon Plaza Store Calender for more information.

 It’s a rockin’ vinyasa (all levels) class.  Bring:  1. your own mat;  2. a friend;  3. a smile.

See you there! (Call or email me if you need more details.)