tips for yoga beginners (and not so beginners!)

tips for yoga beginners (and not so beginners!)

I’m just finding out that some people (read: a lot of people) have never tried a yoga class because they are too scared: they don’t know what to expect!  These beginners are imagining that every person in the class will be able to stand upside down on one hand, or something equally as crazy intimidating.  Since I spend more than half of my waking hours in a yoga studio, I forget that there exists a large majority of people in this world who aren’t familiar with yoga… and they are nervous to be a beginner!

Here’s the good news: All of it Begins at the Beginning.  

“The grace to be a beginner is always the best prayer for any artist.  The beginner’s humility and openness lead to exploration.  Exploration leads to accomplishment.  All of it begins at the beginning… with the first small step.”


So, Beginners, and Not So Beginners… this article is for you!

Our guest blogger is Yoga Teacher Gretchen Robinson, owner of Mark Blanchard’s Progressive Power Yoga in Overland Park, Kansas.  Gretchen has been teaching yoga for over fifteen years and has a wealth of expertise to share.


Gretchen Robinson

She says, “My teaching is an honest and true expression of what I feel and learn in my own personal
practice, combined with what I have learned (and will continue to learn) from others. The greatest teacher we all have resides inside ourselves.”   Gretchen truly believes that yoga is for everybody and every body.  She works with yoga students who are nearing 80 years old and yoga students who are barely 8 years old.  She works with yoga students who have physical impairments such as a prosthetic limb and yoga students who are marathon runners.  If you need physical healing or are interested in learning the deepest alignment of Power Yoga poses, Gretchen is for you!   You can find a full bio here and the full class schedule here.

Enjoy Gretchen’s article entitled:  Tips for Beginners (and not so beginners)

Tip #1:  Don’t Give Up
It usually takes at least 3 times of doing yoga before you feel like you are ‘in the flow.’ The first time, you may spend more time trying to figure out just what it is you are doing, the second time is easier, and by the third time, you are ‘in the flow’ so Don’t Give Up!
Tip #2:  Don’t Give Up
You are doing so much more than your realize! You are working on deep internal muscles, your endocrine system and glands, and using both sides of the brain. It’s a lot to take in and may be more than your body is used to doing. You may be more sore than you have ever been in your life… BUT get back to class as quickly as possible and we promise, you won’t be so sore the next time so Don’t Give Up!
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Tip #3:  Don’t Give Up!
Allow yourself to take your time to become strong and flexible. Practice non-attachment to the poses. Let yourself fall in love with the process. You might work on a particular pose for years before coming into what some would consider the full expression of the pose. Some poses might not ever come. Or some come today, but not tomorrow. And that is fine! Create an intention and work with it with patience without being attached to a goal or end result. Life is better that way. Practice and all is coming, we promise, so Don’t Give Up!
Tip #4  Don’t Give Up!
Come to the mat without having expectations of what you can do.  Please don’t put limitations on yourself; you may be surprised to learn you can do more than you thought. Relax and breathe! Allow your breath to be your guide. It is ok to be challenged to keep your breath but if you cannot control it, you are working too hard! Take child’s pose or simply back out of a posture until you can be in a place that allows you to control your breath. The word asana means ‘comfortable seat.’ Find the place in the posture where you can be in it comfortably. Just breathe and Don’t Give Up!”-
-Gretchen Robinson.
Do you remember being a ‘yoga beginner?’  What did that experience teach you about how you learn?  If you are a seasoned practitioner, do you have the strength to approach the mat as if you were a beginner?  
“The grace to be a beginner is always the best prayer for any artist.  The beginner’s humility and openness lead to exploration.  Exploration leads to accomplishment.  All of it begins at the beginning… with the first small step.”

weekend teaching schedule change.

Summer Weekends are approaching.  Woohoo!!  Just a quick note that my Teaching Schedule is changing soon.

Starting June 1, you can find Lisa teaching:

Saturdays 9:00 am Power Yoga at Mark Blanchard’s Power Yoga (no change) and 12:00 pm Vinyasa at Maya Yoga (new class!) 

Sundays 12:00 pm Vinyasa Level 2/3 at Westport Yoga  (new class: double yeah!) and 5:30 Beginning Yoga/Meditation at Liberty Community of Christ Church and 7:00 pm Power Yoga at Balance Yoga Studio @Crossfit Est. (no changes there!)

Come practice with me all weekend!

photo cred JanaMarie

photo cred JanaMarie