corporate wellness

ready to bring yoga to your workplace?


a weekly yoga break right in your office inspires:

  • stress-free work environment
  • increased productivity
  • expanded creativity
  • mindful interactions and improved relationships between co-workers
  • employees who are eager to come to work and feel valued by their employers
  • healthy habits, healthy minds and healthy bodies

Lisa currently offers two corporate wellness plans:

1.  weekly yoga sessions (on-site)

You provide the yoga space, Lisa provides the yoga.  These classes are specifically designed to cater to all levels of yoga practitioners.  Even beginners are welcome! Classes focus on three main components: stretching to reduce physical discomfort and increase flexibility, strength building to alleviate stress and balance poses to increase focus and concentration.  Students learn stretches to perform at their own desk and relaxation and meditation techniques which are appropriate for any moment of the work day.

2.  one-time seminars for special events

These 75 or 90 minute sessions are catered to your specific workplace needs. Sessions can cover:

  • mindfulness techniques to be utilized in your workplace in order to improve efficiency and promote positive interpersonal relationships
  • physical yoga stretching routines to be done during the work day to improve health and stamina
  • breathing exercises that encourage creativity

for more information and booking details, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page or e-mail Lisa directly.

ash.lisamarie  at