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Myofascial Release Advanced Yoga TT March 2020 Picture (CR)

Myofascial Release and Fascial Health

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Module


@ Westport Yoga KC 

Using evidence-based research on fascial health and connective tissues, learn how to safely and effectively incorporate Self Myofascial Release techniques into group classes as well as one-on-one with private therapeutic clients.

Self Myofascial Release is a healing technique that targets the connective tissue and the fascial system to decrease pain and discomfort, improve Range of Motion, restore joint mobility and build tissue integrity through hydration and healthy stress.

This training includes detailed discussion of fascial anatomy as well as how to locate and address common trigger points within muscle and fascial systems that are caused by poor posture, dehydration of tissues and overuse with improper alignment.

We will also learn how to teach pranayama exercises that induce the Relaxation Response in the nervous system and positively affect the health of our connective tissues.

Details: 30 hours (including contact and homework)

  • Provided Texts: Myofascial Release and Fascial Health Training Manual by Lisa Ash Drackert

  • Provided: RAD Roller Recovery Rounds, RAD Roller (double), Snacks, Juice, Hot Tea, access to Audio Guided Pranayama Techniques + 15% off all Westport Yoga KC retail.

In this course, we will learn how to:

  • accurately explain the physiology of fascia and importance of fascial health

  • introduce students and clients to the benefits of Self Myofascial Release (S-MFR)

  • hydrate and heal connective tissue through the use of SMFR tools such as RAD Rounds, yoga blocks and yoga bolsters

  • effectively teach SMFR techniques within group class settings

  • identify common trigger points that cause referral pain and teach SMFR techniques to reduce discomfort with one-on-one clients

  • teach pranayama and systematic relaxation techniques that restore the nervous system functionality and positively affect the health of our connective tissues

  • structure 60-75 minute Vinyasa Flow Yoga Classes containing SMFR techniques


Day 1, 8 am- 11:15 am; 2 pm – 5 pm
Day 2,  8 am- 11:15 am; 2 pm – 5 pm
Day 3,  8: 10:30 am -5 pm

Day 4, 8 am- 12 pm; 2 pm -5 pm

Who should register:
This Advanced Yoga Teacher Training is designed for yoga teachers with 200+ hours of training and a minimum of one year teaching experience.

This course is also ideal for physical therapists, massage therapists looking to incorporate Self- Myofascial Release into their practice with one-on-one clients. Please note: Continuing Education Hours are only available for Yoga Teachers registered through Yoga Alliance.


Investment: $365.

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2020 Classes and Workshops

Meditate Your Weight April 2020

“Meditate Your Weight”

a 5 Week Series and Book Study

Thursdays in April 4:30 pm with Lisa Ash Drackert

ENROLLMENT IS STILL OPEN! Due to the public health crisis, we may decide to meet Virtually via ZOOM Conferencing, please stay tuned for more details.

Meditation may be the key to sticking to a healthy eating plan, accurately perceiving your body’s hunger cues and staying at your optimal weight without a diet plan. Research shows that your chance of staying at your optimal weight after weight loss programs of increases when you incorporate relaxing breathing techniques and meditation practices into your daily routine.

This 4 week program with Lisa Ash Drackert, Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist, includes a Book Study of Meditate Your Weight by yoga teacher and health expert Tiffany Cruikshank as well as detailed yoga, breathing, and meditation instruction to help you approach your health with confidence and a sense of empowerment.

Meet for book discussion, yoga and meditation in a supportive and encouraging accountability group on Thursday afternoons in April 2, April 9, April 16, April 23, April 30th.

Your Investment Includes:

  • 5 Specialized Classes with book discussion, yoga and meditation in a supportive environment

  • Your own copy of Tiffany Cruikshank’s Meditate Your Weight

  • Complimentary attendance at 2 regularly scheduled yoga classes at Westport Yoga KC

  • 15% off enrollment in Special Events and Workshops at Westport Yoga KC April- May 2020

  • 15% Private Yoga and Life Coaching Sessions booked with Lisa

  • Weekly email literature and encouragement to help keep you focused on making positive mental and physical health changes in your life!

Investment: $95

ENROLLMENT IS STILL OPEN! Due to the public health crisis, we may decide to meet Virtually via ZOOM Conferencing, please stay tuned for more details.


Spring Revivial April 2020

Spring Revival Yoga

Friday April 10, 2019

6- 8 pm with Lisa Ash Drackert

Spring energy is contagious and invigorating.; but we can also feel out of balance. This class will support your energy for Spring using wisdom from the Traditional Chinese Meridian Theory; your practice will support the gallbladder meridian line and the grounding energy of the wood element.

Join Lisa Ash Drackert for her signature class style: Myofascial Release, intelligent breath-based flow and deeply healing Yin Yoga followed by Meditation and essential oils blended to support a seamless transition into spring.

Investment: $25


Yin and Pins April 2020

Yin and Pins: Deep Stretch and Acupuncture for Stress Relief

Sunday April 26, 2020

4-6 pm with Janet Lee and Lisa Ash Drackert

Combined, Yin Yoga and Acupuncture have an immensely positive affect your mental and physical health by relieving stress and “re-setting” your nervous system toward optimal functioning and energetic clarity.

Join Janet Lee, Licensed Acupuncturist and Lisa Ash Drackert, Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist for an afternoon of self- care and stress relief. You’ll be guided into deep relaxation through breathing techniques and Yin Yoga Poses (long held, supported postures) and then receive acupuncture while in final relaxation. The acupuncture “pins” will specifically target points in the ears and on the forehead that reduce tension.

Investment: $45


Meditation and Myofascial Release PIC, Main St. Address

Meditation and Myofascial Release Class: May 3, 2020

9-10 am @ Westport Yoga KC

Join Lisa Ash Drackert, eRYT-500, one Sunday of the month for a morning of meditation and self-care. First, we will utilize self myofascial release techniques (SMFR) to heal connective tissue, restore tissue integrity and mobilize joints to move freely without pain.

This work will awaken the body to prepare for mindful meditation.  Each class is a different myofascial release focus; you may work on healing tissues in the neck, shoulders, back, jaw, wrists, forearms, hips, or feet. Whatever body area is the focus, you’ll feel refreshed and relieved.

Then, we will share in a guided meditation including pranayama, systematic relaxation techniques and mantra to strengthen our mind-body-spirit connection.

Investment: $18.