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Upcoming Yoga Teacher Training Events:

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Myofascial Release and Fascial Health

Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Module

with Lisa Ash Drackert

Thursday March 26- Sunday March 29, 2020

@ Westport Yoga KC 

Using evidence-based research on fascial health and connective tissues, learn how to safely and effectively incorporate Self Myofascial Release techniques into group classes as well as one-on-one with private therapeutic clients.

Self Myofascial Release is a healing technique that targets the connective tissue and the fascial system to decrease pain and discomfort, improve Range of Motion, restore joint mobility and build tissue integrity through hydration and healthy stress.

This training includes detailed discussion of fascial anatomy as well as how to locate and address common trigger points within muscle and fascial systems that are caused by poor posture, dehydration of tissues and overuse with improper alignment.

We will also learn how to teach pranayama exercises that induce the Relaxation Response in the nervous system and positively affect the health of our connective tissues.

Details: 30 hours (including contact and homework)

  • Provided Texts: Myofascial Release and Fascial Health Training Manual by Lisa Ash Drackert

  • Provided: RAD Roller Recovery Rounds, RAD Roller (double), Snacks, Juice, Hot Tea, access to Audio Guided Pranayama Techniques + 15% off all Westport Yoga KC retail.

In this course, we will learn how to:

  • accurately explain the physiology of fascia and importance of fascial health

  • introduce students and clients to the benefits of Self Myofascial Release (S-MFR)

  • hydrate and heal connective tissue through the use of SMFR tools such as RAD Rounds, yoga blocks and yoga bolsters

  • effectively teach SMFR techniques within group class settings

  • identify common trigger points that cause referral pain and teach SMFR techniques to reduce discomfort with one-on-one clients

  • teach pranayama and systematic relaxation techniques that restore the nervous system functionality and positively affect the health of our connective tissues

  • structure 60-75 minute Vinyasa Flow Yoga Classes containing SMFR techniques


Day 1, Thursday March 26: 8 am- 11:15 am; 2 pm – 5 pm
Day 2, Friday March 27: 8 am- 11:15 am; 2 pm – 5 pm
Day 3, Saturday March 28: 10:30 am -5 pm

Day 4, Sunday March 29: 8 am- 12 pm; 2 pm -5 pm

Who should register:
This Advanced Yoga Teacher Training is designed for yoga teachers with 200+ hours of training and a minimum of one year teaching experience.

This course is also ideal for physical therapists, massage therapists looking to incorporate Self- Myofascial Release into their practice with one-on-one clients. Please note: Continuing Education Hours are only available for Yoga Teachers registered through Yoga Alliance.

Investment: $365.

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Gratitude Flow Donation Class November 2019

Annual Gratitude Candlelight Flow Class

Wednesday November 27, 2019

6:00 pm -7:30 pm

Share in Lisa’s annual Gratitude donation class benefiting Rose Brooks Center. All levels are welcome for this candlelight flow, sacred savasana and special Gratitude Meditation class.

Cash Donation to Rose Brooks Center: $15.  

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